Are you an app developer with a profitable title looking for a lot of new users and increased visibility on the market?

Are you trying to self-publish a game and need help strategising your marketing and monetisation plans?

At IAENDI, we are a group of industry experts (and avid gamers) with resources and connections that can jump start your game's distribution and bring you the much needed exposure across the key markets and platforms. 


Publishing consultancy

We have an extensive network of industry connections covering all the major large and boutique publishers in every key market.  

We have experience publishing major titles globally on all the key platforms; ranging from hardcore strategy titles to ultra casual games.

We will help you to locate the best publisher for your title and will broker a deal that maximizes your exposure, revenue and ultimately ROI. 


Localization + optimization

Our team can arrange fast and cost-effective localisation of your titles into all the major languages. 

We work with industry veterans that can provide advice on monetization and optimization of your store presence and UX to maximize your user numbers and ROI. 



Our lawyers will help you to structure a water-tight deal with a publisher of your choice that will help to protect your interests. 

We have experience in negotiating and structuring complex revenue share deals and will gladly use our innovative deal structures to fulfil the requirements of both the developer and the publisher. 

Case Studies

Dozens of references available upon request.
(We'll email you the most recent case studies.)

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